Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tech Talk Break-outs

Conference coordinator Ann Lusch has put together and enticing program of break-out sessions at Tech Talk

On February 28 at Mercy, an attendee can listen to Keynote speaker, Liz Kolb on the topic of Passion Based Learning with Everyday Technical Knowledge.  He or she can follow this up with the following types of combinations:

An iPad fiend could attend
Creating and Publishing eBooks on the iPad
Student Presentations... iPad Style
iTeach, iLearn, iPad
Formative Assessment via Tablets, etc.

Someone interested more interested in Web 2.0 tools that work across platforms could attend
Weebly, Webquests, and more with Web2.0
Social Media: Friend, not Foe
"Remember Everything" with Evernote
Free Web 2.0 tools for your Classroom

In each case, one would hear from different speakers in each session.  And of course twenty other interesting break-outs mean that a wide variety of interests and needs will be met by this program.  Sign up soon in order to take advantage of the early-registration discount.

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