Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Presentation Topics for 2014

'Tis the season for submitting conference presentations.  In the past I have generally tried to serve up enticing topics so that my proposals would be selected.  This year I took a different tack, offering niche topics that reflect the work I have put into creating iTunes U courses over the past three months. I am also reprising a couple of topics. I've listed the sessions and their descriptions.

Michigan Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference
January 22, 2014. Grand Rapids, MI.
Challenge Based Learning in a 1:1 Learning Environment  
This presentation outlines Apple’s “Challenge Based Learning” as implemented at a 1:1 school. CBL is not dependent on specific software/equipment. It fosters authentic learning and leverages technology tools and resources. Successful single course, interdisciplinary, and extra-curricular challenge projects will be described. The shift from teacher-learner to co-learners will be examined, along with professional development tips for bringing faculty on board.

ISTE Virtual Conference
(Published details forthcoming)
February 13, 2014.  online. 
ISTE 2014 Preview Session and Panel Discussion   
This one hour virtual session will preview my June ISTE presentation.  I will be joined by Kara Gunn (From Inspiration to Implementation). This will include a discussion on leadership issues with two others as well.

Tech Talk at Mercy High School
February 28, 2014. Farmington Hills, MI.
I Hate Copyright  (‘Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons Images’) 
This workshop presents links to millions of images available to teachers and students that circumvent the confusing issues related to copyright and "Fair Use". Bring your laptop or mobile and explore photos which you and your students are absolutely free to use without violation of copyright. 

March 13, 2014.  Grand Rapids, MI
Empowering Your iWizards
This presentation will focus on the creation of extracurricular student tech teams and all the helpful ways that they can serve a school. The activities of extracurricular tech teams from across the country will be shared. A case study of iWizards who created a tech orientation for incoming students will be featured. By session’s end, attendees will feel inspired to form student tech teams at their schools and empower them to engage in beneficial projects that will benefit the whole school.

ISTE 2014

June 29, 2014. Atlanta, GA.
Becoming a Digital School Administrator This session will help administrators "walk the technology walk" at their schools. Topics include, interactive communication with stakeholders, paperless workflow, flipped faculty meetings, and more.

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