Sunday, May 26, 2013

Risk-taking, Web Warriors, Teachers Guide to Videos and More

Adminstrators Role in Encouraging Teacher Risk-Taking
To encourage teachers to step out of their comfort zones, school leaders must be trusted.  The relationship between trust and risk is paradoxical. There is no trust without risk. There is no risk without trust. Risk-taking requires everyone to go outside their comfort zones. Taking risks will increase trust and allowing teachers to take more risks, they’ll become better at taking future risks.
Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos
The best ways of using videos are not always obvious. Teachers want to know: Among all the millions of videos out there, how do you find the great ones? How do you evaluate the quality of a video? Who are the great content creators, and what are the best curation sites? Which kinds of videos work as fun supplements, and which are best for actual instruction? How do you get students engaged in discussion after watching videos? How do you blend videos into your curriculum?

Lions fans to get wish, Wi-Fi at Ford Field
Other Michigan sports teams and venues, including the Tigers and Pistons, say they have plans to offer Wi-Fi in the future to stem complaints of poor phone and Internet service during games. . . . Comerica Park is part of a Major League Baseball initiative to add Wi-Fi to all stadiums and improve wireless connectivity overall. 

Luring Young Web Warriors Is Priority. It’s Also a Game.
This month, Mr. Jaska and his classmate Collin Berman took top spots at the Virginia Governor’s Cup Cyber Challenge, a veritable smackdown of hacking for high school  . . . . With military exercises like NetWars, the competition, the first in a series, had more the feel of a video game. Mr. Paller helped create Cyber Aces, the nonprofit group that was host of the competition, to help Homeland Security, and likens the agency’s need for hackers to the shortage of fighter pilots during World War II.

Should Schools Still Go with Google?
On some level, going with Google is a bit like dating someone who is wild, inconsistent and apt to cheat with the hopes that maybe it will get better after marriage. Guess what? Google's not getting better. And why should they? They're Google. And they don't have to. They're Google. . . . With Google, we pretty much pay for nothing. Should we be shocked when that's what we get in return for our lack of investment?

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