Sunday, March 31, 2013

So Unhappy about Google Reader

I was so disappointed about Google’s announcement to shut down its Reader on July 1.  This has been my go-to blog aggregator and have enjoyed using it to follow some of the best ed tech minds.  I have also used it to pull together some interesting sports feeds.  Perhaps like me you will be looking for a replacement.  This blog post is dedicated to the demise of Google Reader.

Google Reader to shut down July 1st
In addition to killing off Reader, beginning next week Google is ending support for the Google Voice app for BlackBerry smartphones, instead pointing users toward the HTML5 webapp. The company will no longer sell or update the desktop versions of its Snapseed photo editing app, and a number of other developer APIs are also being killed off.

My Google Trust Issues
Be very wary of free, since it may come and bite you on the rump down the line. . . . There’s not an aspect of my digital life—work, rest, or play—that Google hasn’t infiltrated in some way, and, for the most part made better. . . . But Google’s apparently hasty decision to give the Reader service the ax is making me reconsider my relationship with the company.

Google Reader Ending Helps Iranian Government Oppress Its People
Google Reader is ending, and while Americans won't notice much, this is a huge loss for Iranians, who use Google Reader to get around internet censorship by the Iranian government.

Google Reader is dying, but we have five worthy alternatives
We've put together a list of what we think are the best replacements for the soon-to-be-late Google Reader. Plugged-in types won't want to miss a beat once Google Reader sees its sunset, so getting familiar with these alternatives now could be key.

The Old Reader
Welcome to The Old Reader, the ultimate social RSS reader. It's just like the old google reader, only better. We're in beta right now, but we're constantly working on improvements and new features.

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives
We're all seriously bummed about Google Reader shutting down, but it's not the end of the world, and there are a number of great news reading apps and services out there stepping up to replace it with syncing features and easy import tools to keep you organized. This week we're going to look at five of the best, based on your nominations.

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Ann Lusch said...

I'm trying Feedly based on what I've read here at the Drive-thru. So far I like it fine for the way I use a reader, although they seem to be adjusting to a lot of extra traffic from soon-to-be-stranded Google Read-ers, and some people have expressed disappointment that a search function is temporarily unavailable. It syncs with Google Reader, so all my feeds transferred without a hitch. The website has options for viewing posts in different formats, including the familiar list, and it's very easy to organize and move feeds to different categories. I'm not sure the iPad app gives as much control over format and organization, but I find it to be attractive, not unlike Flipboard or Zite. Since I was making the move I decided to clean up my hundreds of posts and it was fairly easy to do by scrolling, skimming the first lines of articles and reading the ones that seemed most relevant. I'm down to single digit unread posts for the first time since, maybe... 2010? That will probably last about as long as the Easter break does!

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