Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best To-Do, iTunes U, and other Whoop-te-do

Why (And How) Teachers Should Start Using iTunes U
Duke University at iTunes U
A quick search of the iTunes U catalog reveals many incredible courses full of engaging educational materials and resources. I believe it is through avenues like iTunes U that schools will learn to help our students see learning in new and exciting ways while at the same time opening our classrooms and homes to a wide array of exciting new educational opportunities.

Five Best To-Do List Managers
Earlier in the week, we asked you which to-do list app you thought was the best. You weighed in with hundreds of nominations. We tallied them up, ranked them, and looked into the top five to see why they're the best of the pack. Here they are:

Google Apps Challenging Microsoft in Business
“Google is getting traction” on Microsoft, said Melissa Webster, an analyst with IDC. “Its ‘good enough’ product has become pretty good. It looks like 2013 is going to be the year for content and collaboration in the cloud.”

Bring the noise: has technology made us scared of silence?
Beginning at infancy, the constant media soundscape has provided the background noise either side of bassinet, kindergarten, school and university. It is little wonder many of my students feel agitated and ill-at-ease when there is not at least one portal providing background noise.

3 Ideas That Will Not Transform Schools
I wanted to share a couple of ideas that I think get way too much attention and definitely need some tweaking.  Although there is merit for each idea, they do little to transform the culture of a school yet I have seen many jump on their individual bandwagons.

23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom

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