Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update on iPad Wizards

We continue to delvelop our scheme for the iPad Whiz Kids.   This is the group of ninth and tenth graders we are identifying and training to serve the school community by helping Mercy students and staff with iPad issues and initiatives. 

iPad and Photography
Published by permission of Conrad Castelo
They would also play a special role in orienting next year's iPad newbies to the iPad academic workflow at our school.

 After consulting with our program consultant and leader,  Lucy Gray, we have determined the following:

* The all day training event will be on November 30.

* The students will evaluate "geek squad" programs at other schools.

* They will determine the name and nature of their own future activities.

* They will go to our iMac Lab for a portion of the day to work on building a web site that will help them sustain their future collaborations and activities.

If you know a current ninth or tenth grader, encourage her to contact me ( for an application.

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