Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Apple Slices!

Creative Commons Photo by U.S.D.A

There is so much news concerning Apple these days that I decided to post another quick round of Apple Slices.

Apple Sold More iOS Devices in 2011 Than Macs in 28 Years
Apple sold more iOS devices (156 million) in 2011 than it sold Macs (122 million) in 28 years of their existence. 
Apple Officially Drops 'Mac' Name from OS X Mountain Lion
Though it still used the 'Mac OS X' naming scheme in press releases, Apple called the new system 'OS X Lion'
Help Me Understand This
This past week, I received the email I knew was coming. The MacBook was dead. As our reps promised, there was an end of life inventory left, but those units were going to go quickly, so anybody who wanted/needed any had to act immediately. Which, for anyone trying to work outside of a budget purchase cycle, is impossible
How to Delete Unwanted iOS apps from iTunes
If you've had an iDevice for more than a few months, however, it's likely you have deleted many needless apps and free trials after trying them out. The problem is that if you delete an app from your iDevice, the app remains listed in iTunes.
Apple Will Require Explicit User Permission to Access Address Book
After the recent mess around apps like Path that were accessing users’ Address Book data without explicit consent, [Apple] has spoken up. 

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