Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today is Open House

Screen Capture from MHS Open House Site
Today, Mercy will be hosting its Open House.  I'll be posted in the Media Center where instead of a featuring a particular 1:1 computing device, we will have students on hand who will demonstrate or comment upon activities such as

* a science app on the iPod Touch
* Art Rage animations
* a video explaining how a class uses its Ning
* a video created for Spanish class contest
* a e-portfolio demonstration
* the M-Hub web site.

We are not stressing a device for the practical reason that we are in the process of switching.  But more importantly, why stress the tool itself?  Anyone can buy it tool.  It's what one does with it that makes a difference.  As I noted at a staff blog earlier this year:

Why are we stressing our tools or resources? The teachers are by far the best resource.  And sure, a new science lab or huge auditorium needs to be leveraged.  But after that, don't parents want to see how $45,000-$50,000 will affect their kids. (Don't you think the student guides themselves are a major factor?). That's why I keep harping on exhibiting student achievement.   If your department is producing terrific standardized tests, make a chart!  If in math you have produced a doctoral student at M.I.T., play her testimonial.

Now certainly there is a difference between marketing to incoming families and performance based education.  But as we seek authentic audiences for our challenge based learning projects, there is a natural convergence.  One year I sat at two long tables of books with a couple of tenth graders who explained what they were doing in their bookless course.  Sure, folks poked at the books, but they seemed more engaged by the girls.

I think we are on the right track.  Why put our a bunch of books or gadgets?  As we usually do, I'm anticipating that the students and staff will be the ones who "close the deal" at Open House.

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