Friday, May 15, 2009

Twelve Tweets

Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters based on the question, "What are you doing?" From the flotsam and jetsam of the Twitter stream produced by the 100 people I "follow", I have fished out twelve recent treasures for you to contemplate:

When people are in their element, they are in their most authentic selves . . and it is essential for our communities
The "Yellow Pages" was delivered this morning to my doorstep. What's the point?

I don't recall ever teaching "Man versus To-Do List" as a form of dramatic conflict when I was teaching literature classes.

Isn't prayer kind of the ultimate backchannel in some ways?

Social media is like grilling; sometimes it'll look done on the outside but not inside. Strategy is a must.

“The web has made kicking a** easier to achieve, and mediocrity harder to sustain. Mediocrity now howls in protest.”

Teaching creative thinking and flexibility etc is not extra curricular, it needs to be part of the core curriculum

I'm content stating that knowledge is a configuration of connections....

[A quote about using Twitter to backchannel at a conference]- "It is like passing notes during class."

Teenagers can't multi-task as well as adults because their brains are still learning how to process multiple pieces-

My biased realization- IT Teachers & Specialists who don't use Twitter are not keeping up to date.

labcbaker I think I'm in love...with Garageband.
ScottElias@labcbaker Ah, yes. GarageBand love.

"Tweet Tweeting Birdie Pin Badge" with kind permission of icklebird

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