Sunday, June 14, 2015

Planning ahead for 2016 Tech Talk

We will be holding our third annual Tech Talk for Educators on February 26, 2016.  Some new features are coming into focus.

* We are drawing large numbers of attendees to the conference and we would like to help teachers find sessions that better fit their experience with technology. In particular we would like beef up our offerings of more advanced topics and signal recommended experience levels for the sessions.

*In order to offer more sessions (some of were packed last year) I have compiled a very large list of possible additional presenters. Through my research I have found some real gems to add to our docket.

* We always ask attendees for feedback. Last year a several persons expressed a desire for "hands on" sessions. It is very difficult to accommodate much hands on activity in an hour session, so next year we hope to offer some two-hour workshops. We will probably require pre-registration for these, which will also help us to balance session numbers as these will necessarily be capped.

* Dr. Jason Siko, a popular session presenter in 2013 and 2014 will be delivering the keynote presentation.  We have been discussing his topic and tentatively the subject will revolve around possible educational technology futures.

* Jason also will be presenting four distinct sessions on how to align technology with good instructions. Each session will address a different theme and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or complementary to his other sessions.

Stay tuned later this summer for more news about Tech Talk.

Attendees listen to Karen Bosch's 2015 Tech Talk keynote 

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