Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walking the Talk as an Educational Technology Advocate

As the year ends, I am republishing the Opinion Drive-thru's seven most viewed posts of 2014.  This is #5. I am pleased that it has received almost 500 views since my presentation in Atlanta drove much of the traffic.  I will be presenting at ISTE 2015 and will be giving more examples of peer to peer professional development.

On Sunday, June 29 at 11am I will be giving a presentation called Becoming a Digital Administrator in Atlanta at ISTE 2014.  Since the presentation is based on an iTunes U course that I curated with the same name, I have lots of
examples of practicing admins who themselves are using technology in creative and authentic ways.

ISTE asked me to preview my presentation at its inaugural virtual conference last February, which was a great opportunity to organize my materials and prepare the core media for my presentation.

Becoming a Digital Administrator is premised on the assumption that ed tech integration requires leaders who "walk the talk".  From my own experiences I believe this to be true, but I thought I should present more justification for arguing the importance of administrators themselves using the tools they advocate that teachers employ in the classroom.  Unfortunately, research is lacking in the area, but what I found bolstered my case.  I also found persuasive comments from others.  I am pleased with this addition to my presentation and thought I would share a few slides.

I will post the entire slide deck next week.

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