Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Baker's Half-Dozen Quotes

I've worked with many educators who are reluctant to jump on the tech bandwagon because they've been burned one or more times. Enthusiastically adopting a technology and then losing access to equipment or training can be disheartening. Adapting curricula to technologies takes time, effort, and determination.  —Elise Braden

There are many schools with a culture that supports technology and
innovation, but I question whether it is a majority of schools. Technology in education has been introduced in bits and pieces as it developed. Few schools had systematic plans for integration. Many were required to have what were called five-year plans, but five years in technology is a lifetime. Dog years don’t even come close. Many schools are playing catch up in this age of technology.  — Tom Whitby

It is not the manager's job to prevent risks. It is the manager's job to make it safe to take them. — Ed Catmull

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I’ve been arguing for a while now that “average is over.” It has to be when every boss has cheaper, easier, faster access to software, automation, robots, cheap foreign labor and cheap foreign genius that can produce above-average so easily. Everyone needs to find their unique value-add, their “extra,” and be constantly re-engineering themselves if they want to obtain, or advance in, a decent job that can’t be digitized.  —Thomas Friedman

We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.
— John Dewey.

Technology can never come first. The first step in creating any technology is to gather a set of agreed-upon user requirements. I believe that one of our problems is the diverse set of users that can never agree upon what the requirements should be.  — John Rovito

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