Sunday, February 9, 2014

All about Content Curation

Creation still rules the internet, but I have found knowledge and fulfillment through curation.  Digital curators contribute to the world by sorting through all of the information on the internet.  We only collect those resources which fit a particular interest or niche.  The best curators add value to their collections by commenting on or evaluating the resources.

My two iTunes U “courses” are such collections.  I have taken the best practices of others and shaped them into a course.  By placing them with my commentary into a "course" I have imposed a logic and structure on the collection. If the enrollee experiences the course on an iPad he/she can find carefully selected resources in an organized way.

Several hundred visitors have enrolled in my Becoming a Digital School Administrator course.  This Thursday in during ISTE’s first virtual conference I will take fifteen minutes to display some of my best artifacts and explain why I value them so highly.

Below, I have curated some excellent information on curating.  Like my iTunes U courses, I have provided a variety of media.

This movie provides a short and sweet introduction to curation:

Here are some great curation tools, including my wife’s favorite-- Pinterest.
ITeach U  Content Curation Tools

This is a very cool graphic introduction to curation.

This is introduction to curation outlines a process of “Seek, Sense, and Share”
Content Curation Primer

This article focuses on Search Engine Optimization, providing lots of tips and tools about curation
Your In-Depth Guide to Content Curation


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