Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dialing up Microbes on the iPhone

Mr. Meloche hooks up his iPhone to the microscope
(photo by L. Schrimscher)
When I was at the ADE Institute in Austin this summer I attended an exhibit where I saw an iPhone Photoadapter that fit microscopes.  I emailed my biology teacher colleague, Gerry Meloche about this and he immediately purchased one.  Recently he used it as part of a lab for difficult viewing of bacteria and other microbes. He recorded the following iPhone video of Paramecium aurelia.  These are organisms that are found in most bodies of freshwater, which accounts for the squeals from the girls.

When I paid his class a visit last week, he was also using his iPad, switching effortlessly between live slide images, recorded images, and images accessed through his web browser.  He used his iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to accomplish this.  His demonstration assisted students who were at their lab tables, viewing slides through microscopes.

Microscope projection through iPad and Apple TV

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