Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intercepted CBL Praise!

Those of us who were in attendance at the  "Fight Apathy! Fair" are still enjoying the memories of this CBL challenge.  The solutions our ninth and tenth graders implemented were exhibited to a broad audience.  Here are some of the comments:

From an attending teacher:
Your students did it . . . with you as cheerleaders.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I arrived in the lobby at 5:30 yesterday:  parents, teachers, friends crowding around 17 tables with an array of visuals, pamphlets, (cookies,) buttons, booklets inviting visitors to fight apathy.  I have no doubt that these students have come away with invaluable skills which they will be able to use in subsequent classes and CBLs, due in no small part to your coaching and your willingness to pioneer these challenges.  

From a veteran teacher trying CBL for the first time:
Last night was one of the most exhilarating moments of my entire teaching career--one of those "lightning caught in a bottle" moments of grace that all teachers have many times during the course of a semester (usually within the bounds of a classroom setting, when things "click"), but here WRIT LARGE and public, almost like Revelation.  It will keep me going for a long time

From a parent who attended:

Dear Mr. Baker,

What a terrific job on an important range of topics!  The girls did a significant amount of work in very relevant areas and it seemed to be a motivating force when all the presentations were collected and presented together.  Great energy was evident last night and I am proud of all the young ladies.  I am sure you are too. 


From an attending administrator:
Last night was a POWER BOOST of massive proportions. I thank and congratulate each of you for your tenacious risk taking, for your mentoring, for your attitude, for your enthusiasm ....for not just thinking but acting outside the box.
From the least to the greatest results, these girls were involved in a different kind of learning. As I said on the PA, the poise, the openness to explain, the friendliness, their undaunted smiles in the face of so many questions . . . their participation in "teaching" their audiences..........
All of it was so far above and beyond what we might have been able to imagine (and this, from our youngest students!!) 

Photo by Chris Baker

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