Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tech Troika

I enjoy recommending these three articles because they reflect my current reading style. The first is from Slate which feeds wonderful articles about politics and technology into my Reader. The second is a blog that came from a Tweet recommendation. Finally, the good old New York Times. The great grey lady is not only making creative efforts to adapt to 21st century communication models, its technology writers provide a source of interesting commentary.

Satellite Diss A lifetime ago, when I was in an ed tech doctoral program at U of M, I took two classes at the business school and developed a fascination with reading case studies. I've followed the decline of Sirius XM with morbid interest and believe it provides an analogy for education. Given the ascendancy of cell phones, who would have ever guessed that satellite radio was hitching its fate to the wrong technology? Future technologies are ridiculously difficult to forecast, so why do school boards and administrations place gigantic economic bets on hardware and software. If it were my call, I would invest in Wi-Fi connectivitiy, teacher training, iTouch, and Notebooks in that order. Focus on connectivity and Freeware!

The Objective of Education is Learning, not Teaching This article really made an impression on me. I have determined to put more of the course curriculum into the students' hands so that they can experience the deeper understanding that an explainer-teacher has when he or she thinks through a learning design.

Digital Archivists, Now in Demand It often seems as though we set up false choices when we discuss educational technology (see Swimming with a School....). Choosing between advancing facility with technology and a liberal arts educuation is one such false choice. Read this New York Times article and consider how much technology has done to preserve the past, and then enjoy the academic backgrounds of the the digital archivists who have drifted in the field. The was very satisfying to someone like me who believes in both.
"My Amateur Radio Station in mid 70's"with kind permission from my new Brazilian Flickr friend, Angatuba-Legionaire

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