Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Educational Technology 101 - The Joy of Podcasts

Tonight most of my tenth graders will be completing podcasts that are a requirement for a simulation that I run with my government students. They are evaluating the most effective strategies that were used while role-playing. I look forward to listening to them-- it's a nice break from reading, and generally they are prepared more carefully than the kind of written work they crank out on a daily basis.
In an earlier blog - Using Mp3s in Education - I posted instructions for making audio files using Gcast and Gabcast.

I'd like to reflect on some of the educational advantages that I have found with MP3's

*Kids are comfortable with them since they are so used to music files.

*They are as easy to post and send as any other file.

*Oral reports can relieve the time demands of in-class composition.

*Performance often brings out the best in students.

*The teacher can deliver information through audio files instead of repeating it through the class day. (Our students have laptops, so it is not unusual for me to watch them listen to me on their headphones!).

*Recordings provide a great back up for students absence or a bail out when unexpected school cancellations wreak havoc with lesson plans.

*The provide great variations for blogging.

*They can be used to quickly record, post, or send "minutes" from meetings.

I'm looking for new uses for this easy technology. Any suggestions or reactions?

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